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Geri Ledford, Federal Programs  Supervisor
541 Palisades Avenue Garfield, New Jersey

(973-340-5000 Ext. 2030

 Myroslawa Cahn, Federal Programs  Asst. Supervisor
(973-340-5000 Ext. 2029

ESL and Bilingual Programs

Students who enter the public schools speaking primarily a language other than English may be in need of additional assistance in learning English and in maintaining progress in the regular program.  Garfield has an English as a Second Language (ESL) program available in all grades, K-12, and in all public schools. In order to determine which students need the ESL program, a language test is given within the school. Children who qualify receive specialized daily instruction in all aspects of English:  understanding, speaking, reading, and writing, which will better prepare them for their school careers and their life in the United States.

The district also has two Bilingual Programs, located in magnet elementary schools.   Polish bilingual students who participate are in Schools #4 and #4 Annex, and Spanish bilingual students are in School #6. The Bilingual Program uses the native language and English to present skills in reading/language arts and mathematics.

At the Middle School and High School, students in the ESL program receive two daily periods of instruction. The classes are regularly scheduled courses and the students receive credit for them.  In addition to all aspects of learning the English language, content area vocabulary and concepts are covered in the classes as well.

Some students are eligible to participate in an additional period of ESL instruction called High Intensity ESL in the elementary schools in lieu of bilingual education classes.

Students who have little or no English skills additionally participate in a class called Port of Entry ESL. This is for all students in all grades who need this instruction.

Parents of children placed in a Limited English program will be notified by letter no later than 30 days after they enter school indicating the reason for placement and the child’s level of proficiency.

If you would like further information about these programs, please call Geri Ledford, Federal Programs Department Supervisor.

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