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Title I Basic Skills Improvement Program

Geri Ledford, Federal Programs Supervisor
34 Outwater Lane, Garfield, New Jersey
(973-340-5000 Ext. 2030 +gledford@gboe.org

Myroslawa Cahn, Federal Programs Assistant Supervisor
(973-340-5000 Ext. 2029 +mcahn@gboe.org

Title I Basic Skills Improvement Program (BSIP)

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, provides federal grant funds for economically disadvantaged students to achieve, at a minimum, proficiency in the State standards and to reach their potential through improved programs.  It requires the State and the district to close the achievement gap by placing a highly qualified teacher in every classroom, improving the qualifications of paraprofessionals who work with disadvantaged students, and using instructional practices that have proven to be effective.

 High-poverty schools with 40% or more pupils from low-income families are eligible to adopt school-wide programs to raise the achievement of low-achieving students by improving instruction throughout the entire school, thus using Title I funds to serve all students.  Grant funds provided under ESEA funding, shall supplement, not supplant other non-Federal funds that are available to provide programs and services to students, unless otherwise provided in the grant program.  All schools in our district have school-wide Title I programs. 

In the elementary schools the Title I BSI Program uses highly qualified teachers in each building who provide collaborative instruction along with the classroom teacher in English Language Arts and Math.  For those identified students who are referred for remedial reading intervention, students receive instruction using the Wilson Reading Program, a research-based reading program, taught by certified Wilson trained teachers.

 In Garfield Middle School the BSI Program is delivered to all students by receiving a 2nd period of ELA and math instruction focused on the PARCC skills in order to pass that state test utilizing block scheduling.

 In Garfield High School, all 9th grade students receive a 2nd period of ELA and math as their BSIP instruction utilizing block scheduling.  In grades 10-12 identified students are placed in ELA or Math Skills classes for their BSI instruction.  As in the Middle School, the goal of these classes is to provide the targeted instruction needed to pass the assessments which will lead to graduating high school.



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