2019-2020 Gifts and Talents Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Big City!
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The 2019-2020 school year brings our students to the big city! Garfield's proximity to New York allows us to capitalize on student's prior knowledge and develop an architectural/engineering mindset which will allow them to collaboratively construct their own cities. Students will research the architectural elements of skyscrapers and translate that knowledge into personal building designs that reflect the skeleton frames utilized in the construction of New York City's tallest structures. 

Students will also delve into "Big City Problems" and develop solutions to the challenges that they individually identify. Real-world problem solving skills are applied to invent unique solutions that are researched, designed, tested, and modified throughout the year. 

Leadership and communication skills are fostered through collaborative teamwork, individual presentation, and expository writing. 

Ten new cities will be ready to view this Spring!!