Gifts and Talents


  • Welcome to Garfield's Gifted!


  • We strive to provide a continuum of services that offer enriching and challenging learning opportunities for students who demonstrate gifted characteristics in one or more areas. 

  • The Gifts & Talents curriculum has been designed to foster complex, higher-order thinking skills required for critical and creative thinking. S.T.E.A.M. is consistently infused throughout the year to ensure that students will be continuously engaged in meaningful activities. These learning opportunities offer advanced engineering concepts that will utilize prior knowledge of Science, Technology, Art, and Math. Self-guided learning will develop their individual gifts while communication and leadership are also supported.  


  • "Giftedness may manifest in one or more domains such as; intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, or in a

  • specific academic field such as language arts, mathematics or science."

  • National Association for Gifted Children 

Click the link below to visit the "National Association for Gifted Children" website:
Mrs. Alexandra Talsma
Gifts & Talents Specialist
S.T.E.A.M. Teacher
(862) 306-7190 x1308