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Garfield Teachers' Favorite Lessons for the SMART Board

Ready to Use
Smart Lessons K-5
Ready to Use
Smart Lessons
Using the Notebook Gallery
Money Coins & Bills Angles in a Triangle How to Use the
Lesson Activity Toolkit
Counting Nickels Area of a Polygon Quick Reference Guide
The Lesson Activity  Toolkit Gallery
Rulers-Measuring Objects Jeopardy with Clickers Smart Exchange
Created Smart Lesson

(Jeopardy, Feud, more...)
Sorting Science Lab Rules  
Beginning, Middle & Ending Sounds Online Jeopardy for Smartboards  
Measuring (Gr. 4-5) 50 States Puzzle  
Lunch & Attendance Count Writing Strong Leads  
Creating Compound Words
Grade 1 & 2
The Inner Body  
Recycling/Earth Day Lessons Cells Alive  
Phonics Periodic Table of Elements  
Back to School Activities
Classroom Rules

Science Lab Rules
The Virtual Body
Build a Skeleton
Base 10 Blocks Interactive Physics  
Counting Money    
50 States Puzzle    
Online Jeopardy for Smartboards    

Penguin Attendance

Writing Strong Leads
Interactive Map Test Game    
The Artist's Toolkit
Visual Elements and Principles
Music: Virtual Keyboard    
How Circuits Work    


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