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Beth Tecchio, Director of Special Services
 541 Palisades Avenue Garfield, New Jersey
(973-340-5000 Ext. 2022 +

Joan D'Amico, Asst. Supervisor to Child Study Team
(973-340-5000 Ext. 2017 + 

The District Child Study Team serves as a team of professionals that work to assist in the identification, educational planning and program monitoring of the children in the Garfield district that are identified to the team.  The identification process is initiated when there is concern with a pupil's lack of progress and make this fact known to the parents and school principal.  The school may then, with the collaboration of the parent seek to remedy the pupil's difficulties through strategic intervention provided by the Intervention and Referral Services Committee (IR&S).  If the interventions attempted do not prove helpful, the child may then be referred to the Child Study Team.


When the student is identified to the Child Study Team, the team reviews the student's records, school performance, teacher input, parent concerns, and interventions that have been put into place.  The team then determines if an evaluation is warranted.  If it is, parental consent is obtained to evaluate the child.  Following the evaluation, the Eligibility Conference is held and if a pupil is found eligible for special education and related services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed and implemented with parent consent.  The IEP addresses the child's special needs, including specialized instruction and recommended placement.  The entire procedure from identification to program implementation is completed with a ninety-day time limit imposed by law.


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